Stress over meal prepping for your upcoming next camping trip? Everyone who had already experienced camping had an idea of how gruesome it is to think of camping food ideas. It is one of the many challenges that campers face during their trip to come up with effective and easy camping food ideas. Albeit we want to enjoy the beauty of nature but with an empty stomach, we doubt it is possible. It is so tricky to cook palatable meals during camping. Aside from the fact that you need to bring a ton of cookware like a camping stove, cast iron skillet, one pan, one pot and foil packets, some ingredients, like raw meat, hot dogs, sweet potato, tomato sauce, black bean, peanut butter and dried fruit  require refrigeration for your camping meals.  

To put this simply in context, let us say that we were able to bring a cooler to store the raw meat. Can you guess how long it will take to preserve the freshness of the raw meat inside a cooler? Frozen beef stored in a cooler can only last about 48 hours and 24 hours if it is half frozen. But this is not the case with No Rush!  

No Rush is a revolutionary meat product that will help you cook easy camping food without spoiling for up to 25 years without refrigeration. How cool is that?


Key Benefits of No Rush Freeze-Dried Meat Compared to Jerky or Canned Meat

You may be wondering how No Rush can last for years without refrigeration. Well, No Rush is a freeze-dried product that has undergone lyophilization. It is a process where the moisture of raw meat has been removed and left in a vacuum chamber to remove the ice and convert it into vapour. Improving meat products' shelf life through the method of freeze-drying dates back to the 19th century. Besides being safe to consume, it is undeniably healthier than jerky and canned meat.  

No Rush is lightweight and suitable for great outdoors trips. You can easily place it inside your bags since it does not take up too much space and easy to prepare camping food ideas. Another fun fact about No Rush is how easy it is to rehydrate. Just rehydrate it for 20 minutes with water, and the raw meat is ready for cooking.  

This product is a healthy substitute for frozen products or canned goods since our manufacturers purely make it with no additives or preservatives. The seasoning and flavouring of your meat are up to you! We proudly make No Rush from 100% natural meat from New Zealand to ensure that consumers enjoy the goodness of fresh flesh in every chunk.  

Given that we added no harmful preservatives during the lyophilization process, No Rush retains almost 97% of its original value. That is why it is not only palatable but also highly nutritious‚ÄĒa perfect¬†option for easy camping meals for you and your family.


Easy Camping Recipes to Enjoy During Camping With No Rush

Now that we know about No Rush and its benefits, let us proceed with the easy camping meals we can enjoy during camping. We have rounded up below some camping meal ideas that will make your tummy happy and your palate scream with delight.

1. Hearty Beef Stew

Camping can be cold at night; a bowl of this beef stew recipe is a perfect camping dinner for everyone. You only need a few packets of No Rush freeze-dried beef cubes and some veggies to prepare this palatable meal. As the name suggests, it is a hearty meal because every bowl feels like a warm hug.  

Hearty Beef Stew


2. Thai Beef Salad

Keep up with your diet plan while you are on a camping trip with a refreshing bowl of Thai Beef Salad. It comes with a variety of fresh vegetables, a luscious dressing that you can easily make on travel, and a packet of No Rush Raw Beef Slices for that needed source of protein. So the next time you start worrying about your diet during your next trip, remember to bring a packet of No Rush with you.



3. Yummy Smoked Egg Chicken Roll

Let us keep the good time rolling with Yummy Smoked Egg Chicken Roll. This one of the easy camping recipes is perfect for enjoying any time of the day. And did we mention how easy it is to prepare? All you need to bring are some seasonings and a couple of No Rush Chicken Cubes, and you can start grilling on your grilling pan. It is a yummy treat that you can easily make when you go camping. 



4. Grilled Chicken Cube Kebabs

ÔĽŅGrilled Chicken Cube Kebabs, anyone? The juiciness in every stick is a meaty treat that you can prepare seamlessly during your trip. Bring two packets of No Rush Chicken Cubes and some seasonings like cumin and cayenne pepper, and you are all set for your best camping dinner! You can create this recipe in less than an hour and savour it with a cold beer‚ÄĒa perfect treat after a long day of marvelling at nature.