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Are you ready for your next outdoor camping adventure while being on a keto diet? You can stay on a keto diet even when you're on an outdoor camping trip. Various keto camping meals can keep your body in a ketosis process while doing camping activities and burning fat. You will ensure following your keto diet plan, enjoying your time camping with friends and family, and keeping yourself healthy and fit.


Going camping and hiking and doing the camping activities in between is a great way to burn fat quickly and efficiently. When combining this with the keto diet, you guarantee to have the best body ever. In this case, and with every significant goal in mind, preparation is key. It is the same with a ketogenic diet and meals, so I've put together this handy list of easy-to-follow keto camping meals that are low carb and delicious. And the best part? This low-carb food list works whether you plan to stay local or you love to travel far away.


What Should You Consider When Planning Your Keto Camping Meals?

Before planning your keto camping meals and buying your keto food, there are some points you should be considering firstly:

1. In Which Stage Of The Keto Diet Are You?

Whether you are a beginner of the keto diet or at an advanced level, you need to plan according to the keto diet stage. For example, if you are a keto diet beginner, you might experience some difficulties physically and mentally when trying to combine following the diet and doing camping activities together. So it might be better if you do the keto diet after the camping trip to avoid any health problems that might occur like the keto flu. On the other hand, you might lower your carb calories and increase fat calories to help you in your diet transition.

But if you are advanced in your keto diet process, you can easily add on more nutrient-dense fat for more energy and power for your camping activities.


2. How Strong Are The Physical Activities You Plan To Do On The Camping Trip?

Knowing what activities and physical exercises you will do while camping is essential to understand how many calories your body needs to endure and keep the energy levels balanced for health maintenance. Having this in mind will help you plan your keto camping meals perfectly to suit your body's strength and help you stay healthy while doing these activities.


3. What Kind Of Food Is Suitable For A Keto Diet And Camping? 

While going on a camping trip, it is usually thought of the food that could last longer and still provide the body with the necessary nutrients for camping activities. In our case, and being on a keto diet, you should consider easy-to-prepare, frozen, dried, and canned food low in carbs and high in fats and proteins. That will ensure you get all the proper nutrients to keep you healthy without stepping out of your keto diet.


4. Plan Ahead All Your Keto Camping Meals And Camping Activities

Planning your keto camping meals is essential to help your body stay in ketosis status while enjoying your camping trip to the maximum and having the least amount of stress managing your camping trip. That involves deciding which kind of food and ingredients suit you and your body's taste, nutrients, and health benefits. In addition, it would be best to consider diversifying your keto meals between breakfast, lunch, and dinner to keep your body stable and full of all the nutrients required for camping activities.


Easy Keto Camping Meals & Food

Most camping meals and food are highly processed to resist the natural conditions and keep their original taste and nutrients. Some can also do the processed mechanism by ditching the carbohydrates from this food to match the keto diet goal. Some of these keto camping meals and food are:  

  1. Sausage-eggs-bacon-ham-fatty cheese; you can prepare and pack breakfast burritos, ham & eggs roll-ups, and bacon & eggs rounded bites from these ingredients.
  2. Non-starchy vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, asparagus, andlemon can you prepare lemon balls and almond bites from.
  3. Low-carb fruits like avocado & berries.
  4. Freeze-dried meat & chicken like chicken cubes, chicken breasts, beed cubes, and beef slices.
  5. Fatty dried or frozen fishes like salmon, tuna & shrimps.
  6. Fatty deeds & nuts.
  7. Canned pre-packed food like canned seafood, canned beef other fatty-canned meat.


Available Products

Freeze-Dried Chicken Cubes 30g

Without a doubt, No Rush freeze-dried chicken cubes are the ideal addition when you go on a camping trip. It contains all the high proteins and fats essential for your body while on a keto diet and doing camping activities. They are easy to prepare, ultralight, convenient in size, and reliable in packaging. To prepare your nutritious keto meal, you can rehydrate them and combine them with other keto diet ingredients.


Freeze-Dried Beef Cubes 60g

With the extra size and various ways of cooking, the No Rush freeze-dried beef cubes have proved to be the no-alternative for beef in keto meals' ingredients. They are ultralight, bigger, and easy to prepare with other keto food and ingredients. With no preservatives and additives, you ensure you have all the fatty and protein calories to maintain your body while on a keto diet and regular camping exercises. 


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