Camping is a fantastic way through which you can take an escape from your regular life. It allows you to stay in nature and experience fresh air and beauty. However, you must carry certain necessary products to enjoy your camping trip. Your camping gear must contain a proper hiking tent, first aid, outdoor cooking items, cookware like a camp stove, cast iron skillet, frying pan, foil packets and other essentials. 

When preparing for camping, you must ensure that you have packed every essential camping food item for easy camping recipes preparation. Cooking over an open fire in nature and having camping dinner ideas after a day full of hiking and and outdoor adventure will definitely make your food taste much better. Living by hunting and gathering might sound fun but will be extremely difficult, especially if you are a recreational camper. Therefore, you need to pack the essential camping foods for sustaining.


Essential Camping Food List

Camping requires proper planning and preparation to ensure a safe trip. However, to make it easy and convenient, carry only the necessities and plan easy camping meals and camping food ideas that require similar ingredients, less cooking time and could be eaten straight. 

Stock food items that do not require refrigeration like sweet potatoes. Plenty of outdoor cooking food items do not spoil so that you can go on a carefree camping trip:

* Cereal

One of the most delicious ways to start your day is having a bowl of cereal. It keeps you full and helps you to plan the activities for the rest of your day. Cereal is non-perishable dry food that must be on your food list.


* Bread

It is the foundation for every important hearty meal. You can make sandwiches or eat bread and butter. It is a versatile food item that you can consume at any time of the day. You can even have bread, soup, or baked beans on toast for your dinner or evening meal.


* Wraps

Carrying heavy and unnecessary utensils is the last thing that you will want to pack for your next camping trip. Therefore, to eliminate those, take food items that do not require plates. 

Wraps will allow you to make burritos of ground beef or something similar and provide you with a fulfilling great meal.


* Pasta

A non-perishable food item, pasta is an ideal food for campers. It is easy and convenient to cook and does not require refrigeration. You can cook it in bulk with tomato sauce, add a blast of summer flavor to it and consume it directly from the pot, reducing the need for utensils.


* Condiments and Sauces

Carry salt, pepper, chopped peppers, hot sauce, barbecue sauce, buffalo sauce, soy sauce, chilli flakes, and other necessary spices to save yourself from having bland food. It will add flavour to your camping meals and hence is a must-have. 

You can even carry different types of sauces in small jars to enhance the taste of your great food. They will not weigh much but help you prepare a tasty delicious meal.


* Tea and Coffee

Starting the day without tea or coffee feels incomplete for many people. However, making coffee or tea over the camp fire is a fantastic experience. Feel free to have it with your breakfast or carry it in a flask to have it on the go. 

Either way, pack some small packets that are easy to carry but will be enough for your consumption.


* Eggs

Eggs do not require refrigeration if kept at a temperature under 20¬įC. They are small items that do not consume much space but contain protein. Easy and convenient to cook, you can make many food items with eggs.¬†

Scramble, fry, poach, boil, do anything with it, and it will be enough to replace your main meal.


* Tinned Food

Tinned food items are the perfect items for great outdoors cooking. Carry soup, vegetables, beans, fruits, and other food items like cheddar cheese, tortilla chips, and sliced peaches. They are effortless to carry, and you can cook them in minutes. You can pack many tinned items and save from cooking heavy and time-consuming meals to energize yourself.


* Freeze-Dried Meat

When you go camping, the desire to eat something fancy, like chicken and beef, by the campfire often emerges. However, cooking raw chicken or beef can be pretty challenging. But if you carry No Rush freeze-dried chicken or beef cubes, you can cook them effortlessly. They taste great and are lightweight, so you won't have trouble with taste or carrying. Furthermore, they do not need refrigeration; you can carry them in your backpacks for outdoor use!

Bundle: 3 Packs Beef Slices 60g + 2 Pack Beef Cubes 60g

Benefits of No Rush Freeze-Dried Meat

Besides being tasty and lightweight, No Rush products also have other benefits. Some of them are: 

  • No Rush products are freeze-dried and retain 97% of nutrients compared to other dehydrated foods. When you go camping, it is necessary to eat nutritious foods, which becomes possible with these products.¬†
  • They are easily prepared and do not require any extra work. Just follow the directions and cook yourself a tasty and nutritious meal. You definitely will not have to worry about it being freeze-dried. Rehydrate it in water for 15 to 20 minutes, and you are good to go.¬†
  • There are no additives or preservatives in the food products, so the taste is natural. The meat is 100% natural New Zealand products that can make your trip more enjoyable and exciting.
  • No Rush Freeze dried meat lasts long and has higher moisture retainment. If they are processed and packaged in a specific way, they can last up to 25 years. Therefore, they are the perfect choice for your camping trip.


Available Products

No Rush Freeze-Dried Beef Cubes

Freeze Dried Beef Cubes 60g


No Rush Freeze-Dried Beef Cubes are the perfect addition when you need a little extra healthy protein for your cooking. They are a healthy alternative to other types of preserved meat products as the product is 100% natural raw New Zealand beef and contains no additives, preservatives or flavouring. This product is available in 30g, 60g and bundle packs.


No Rush Freeze-Dried Chicken Cubes

Freeze Dried Chicken Cubes 30g


This product has been designed specifically for fast & convenient cooking at home and as a camping food for outdoor use. First, rehydrate these No Rush Freeze-Dried Chicken Cubes for 20 minutes in water to achieve the best texture. Then, you can add them to any stew or pasta sauce of your liking, absorbing the flavour. The porous structure gives you a unique chicken flavour in every bite! It is available in 30g, 60g and also bundle packs.