Camping is an excellent idea to recharge away from your daily grind and reconnect with nature. To smell the fresh breeze and witness mesmerizing views is a truly relaxing experience to relish with the people close to you. Unfortunately, camping is not all sunshine and rainbows. You do not go out and decide to sleep in the wild. It would be best if you were prepared and ready for the eventualities, including packing your food for the next few days. 

Can you imagine hiking on different trails with an empty stomach? That is a big NO, for sure. That is why you need a meal plan for camping that is easy to bring and will fuel your body with the energy you need daily. Occasionally, some of us get raw meat during camping. That is because raw meat contains a high value of nutrients, including protein, zinc, and vitamins A and B-complex that your body needs to heal your muscles and keep your body healthy, but the question is how to preserve meat in the wild? Generally, preserving meat in the wild is such an arduous task. You need to bring a cooler or refrigeration to keep the beef fresh and prevent it from spoiling. Besides heavy tools that will make your body weary from carrying these materials, improper ways of meat cool can lead to bacterial growth and, worst, salmonella. Professionals suggest consuming immediately or keeping them in a cooler with a pack of ice for not more than a day or two. As a result, most people switch to bringing canned goods or preserved food, jerky, and freeze-dried meat, as these have a long shelf life and do not require refrigeration.  

Little did we know, there are now innovative ways that we can opt to bring raw meat during our camping trip, even without getting a cooler or a fridge. What a significant relief, right? Bringing raw meat during camping is no longer a big issue to contemplate since there is a food preservation process like wet curing and dry curing. So, to store meat should be the last thing you should worry about. With the help of freeze-drying preservation methods, it is now possible to enjoy raw meat dry on your camping trip without the hustle and bustle. However, beef jerky and canned goods are good meal options, especially in a rush. However, these products contain a high sodium nitrate rate (table salt) which can cause a food poisoning and affect your heart and blood pressure and increase the risks of stroke when consumed daily. So, unlike with No Rush freeze-dried meat, you can enjoy the goodness of real meat without compromising your health.


Freeze Dried Beef Cubes 60g


What is No Rush Freeze-Dried Meat Exactly, and How Is It Better Than Jerky and Canned Goods?

No Rush has gradually become a part of everyday camping life. It is a pack of meat that has undergone lyophilization. It is a process of preserving the shelf life of beef by removing the moisture and leaving it in a vacuum chamber with cold temperatures to remove the ice and turn it into vapour. All the same, the meat retains its lusciousness and freshness while maintaining its nutrient content. The meat preservation techniques applied here effectively keeps it tasty, delicious and prevents bacterial growth over ages. No Rush freeze-dried meat can stay for an extended period up to 25 years without spoiling. Can your meat cooler do that? 

It is a portable meal to carry and store at room temperature. Although it has undergone vacuuming, you can quickly rehydrate it for at least 20 minutes and cook meat with your favourite raw beef dishes. Unlike jerky and processed canned goods, No Rush is proudly made from 100% natural meat from New Zealand, free from harmful chemicals, additives, and preservatives. 

Regarding nutritional value, No Rush is a healthier alternative than other preserved meat products. Most diet plans, even Keto diets, include No Rush dry meat with meal preps as they are easy to prepare and highly nutritious. 

Cooking meat and eating No Rush is like eating your favourite meat, in which there is not a slight hint of difference. The taste and texture are the same. You can still savour the lusciousness of the meat's juiciness in every bite‚ÄĒa perfect addition to your signature recipes. I bet even after you go camping, you will still crave the savoury taste of No Rush.¬†

No Rush is now available in leading supermarkets and comes in three options: No Rush Freeze-Dried Beef Cubes, No Rush Freeze-Dried Chicken Cubes, and No Rush Freeze-Dried Beef Slices. So even if you plan on having a hearty beef stew or chicken skewers during your camping trip, these revolutionary meals are now accessible and made possible.


Freeze Dried Chicken Cubes 30g



You can now step up your camping game with the help of No Rush. Feel free to incorporate it into your camping meal plan so you will never have to worry about the food getting spoiled or insufficient nutrients during your trip. Remember that good planning always comes a long way. So if you want to keep the good time rolling during your trip, always come prepared and bring a pack of No Rush.